Friday, 3 February 2012

Assassins Creed Revelations v1.02 Update

 Assassins Creed Revelations v1.02 Update
 Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Genre: Action, Adventure

Assassins Creed: Revelations v1.02 Update info:
Assassin's Creed Revelations "Maps Pack - Trial Version":
Play for free 6 multiplayer maps, including 3 new locations (Jerusalem, Imperial and Dyers) and 3 maps from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Siena, Firenze and San Donato), for 2 days.

Download the Assassin's Creed Revelations "Upgrade Key" to upgrade your Trial version and enjoy its content without any limitation. This will also unlock the customisation items for your characters.

Bug Fix The icon for the hidden tomb Vlad's Prison disappears from Sophia's shop if the user uses the travel station
Bug Fix If the user starts and completes a mission while assassins are sent in a "Defend the City" mediterranean mission, the defense mission will be canceled and the assassins will be available again
Bug Fix Assassins guild challenges: counter stays at 11/12, preventing player from getting related achievement/trophies
Bug Fix If the fight with Tarik event triggers while Tarik is outside the circle made of janissaries, the user won't be able to kill him due to an invisible collision and he will remain stuck inside unless he has impact bombs in inventory
Crash Fix       Fixed rare crash when the user is running from guards in a contested den district
Bug Fix If the user calls the fedayen and gets him killed, after interacting with the pidgeon coop to start " The little prince" he will remain stuck in the mediteranean defense screen, not being able to start the mission or get back to the game
Bug Fix After leveling up the master assassin to level 12, the mission cannot be complete afterwards.
Bug Fix Fix notoriety issues
Bug Fix Decrease the frequence of Den Defence triggering
Bug Fix The Armchair General achievement was not unlocked when the condition was completed while in replay
Bug Fix The user can get stuck in a building's dome if he lands with the parachute on it
Crash Fix       Fixed rare crash after becoming anonymous while heading to Arcadius fast travel station.
Bug Fix The mission appears with 100% synch in DNA after completing it with 50% synch
Bug Fix User can access non playable areas in the Topkapi District.
Bug Fix Fond Memories achievement is not awarded when completing all sequences with 100% synch, after certain steps
Crash Fix       Fixed rare crash on end-game credits

Functional      Add a DLC Trial functionality support
Crash Fix       The game may crash when using throwing knifes on a VIP while in open conflict
Crash Fix       The game crashes when using smoke bomb ability on two players at the same time
Functional Bug Fix      The user can use his throwable abilities without triggering their cooldowns
Functional Bug Fix      Undefined string appears instead on ground finish during Artifact Assault after 5-6 rematches
Functional Bug Fix      Chest Capture stop each time the host get killed
Functional Bug Fix      News within the MP section doesn't display a body if it contains quotes (")
Functional Bug Fix      A NPC won't change into a BODYGUARD if I lock him
Functional Bug Fix      Rarely, the user may not spawn after he was killed under certain circumstances
Crash Fix       A user could crash at rematch in Artifact Assault on Mont Saint Michel map
Crash Fix       Four users could crash after the leader of a group chose to leave with his group
Crash Fix       User crashes when he continuously spams the stun and kill buttons [3/5]
Crash Fix       The game could crash in Galata for one player when chasing the target
Functional Bug Fix      In Corruption game mode, if a player JOF a session exactly when the sudden death is triggered, his timer will be different and almost all players will be stuck in the end result screens
Functional Bug Fix      On Corruption game mode, joining the session exactly when one of the two uncorrupted players is killed causes several issues
Functional Bug Fix      Player gets stuck upon respawn after 2 pursuers try to kill him while hanging on a side of a building
Functional Bug Fix      User could become untargetable after a grab-kill performed on him was interruped
Functional Bug Fix      In artifact Assault, the "ESCORT" icon can blink continuously in certain conditions
Functional Bug Fix      One of players can spawn as corrupted with the selected character (not Vlad) after he was killed during gameplay
Functional Bug Fix      The user sometimes can remain stuck in a stun animation
Functional Bug Fix      "Honorable death" sound is played twice when doing a narrow to narrow contested kill
Functional Bug Fix      If one player push the kill button while there is no target in range, almost all players can hear the "cannot kill" sound
Crash Fix       A user could crash when he quits muted by the ability.

Release name: 
Assassins.Creed.Revelations.v1.02.UpdateSize: 583 MB
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