Monday, 5 December 2011

How to Crack Windows Password Using Live CD

The most popular and I thing the only thing makes it popular is that it works always on all platforms.

The Cracking of Password is the simplest thing in the world, yeah thats right simple then drinking a cup of tea!!!

Well, no more wasting your time am gonna tell you how to do it.

You just download the Live CD of OPHCrack and burn it into a CD/DVD. The tool is not more than 450MB but it worth alot more than that!!!!!

If you some day forget you windows password then you have to pay or re-install windows that worth you more than $150/- , and if you ever re-install you system at your own it can be act as lost of data or damage to data.

Download the tool from the link below choose Download ophcrack LiveCD.
XP LiveCD is if you use Windows XP but if you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 you download Vista LiveCD.

When the image is downloaded you need to burn in to a CD or make a bootable USB device. But to keep it easy in this guide we will just burn it on a CD. In Windows 7 you can just double click the downloaded file and burn it but in older versions you can download the free image burner ImgBurn from here:

Now you need to start up your the pc which you have lost your password on. You need to access BIOS to change the boot order. Set First Boot to CD/DVD. Now safe your settings and restart. Once you’re in Ophcrack it will automatically start finding your lost Windows password.
This can take some time. It depends on how long and complex your Windows password is.

If the password was successfully recovered just write it down and restart.
Remember to take the CD out or else it will boot up again.

Now you know how to hack your Windows password.

So, if you want to become a hacker this is agood to way to start your journey!!!!!
Here...The LINK

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